The company name was inspired by the fact that it took 21 centuries for mass society to finally accept the fact that the earth was indeed round, culminating in Magellan’s circumnavigation in 1521. Until then history’s most brilliant astronomists like Galileo and Copernicus were ridiculed and branded heretics for proving what we now all (mostly) know to be true. Round Earth clients are brave business 'adventurers' seek to learn from honest, ongoing and sometimes difficult conversations with employees, customers, business partners, union leaders, investors and industry experts (and so on) in order to create extraordinary and enduring outcomes, relationships and cultures for their companies.
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So, do you stand out?


Enterprise technology communications is an ocean of buzzwords, jargon, three-letter acronyms and hard-to-differentiate products and services. If you're not standing out like a beacon with a clear story to the right people in your influence community, this will seriously harm your prospects for success. Consider that:

  • Enterprise technology buyers, overwhelmed by complexity and choice, tend to gravitate towards brands they and their peers know, trust and won't get fired for buying - even if they aren’t always the best. Are you being recommended and advocated by the most influential people in your market?
  • Premium channel partners, sought after by throngs of eager new players, want to be associated with ‘hot property’ that can add genuine value to their credentials, service lines and profit margins. Does your value proposition genuinely stand out?
  • The most talented industry people seek to align themselves with companies who are seen to be the winners, with inspiring, creative leadership and innovative, reputable products and services. Is your company seen as ‘hot property’ in an increasingly social-media savvy employers market?
  • Depending on who they write for journalists receive anywhere from 20 to 500 pitches and press releases EVERY day and can only select 2-3 to write about. Does your story really stand out?
  • VCs select one company to invest in from every hundred pre-screened applications (from a pool of thousands), often based on a short pitch. Is your pitch compelling enough to win?

Answered ‘No’?


If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of these, Round Earth Consulting can help. We offer a range of services and workshops to help you define your market, your unique place within it and tell it persuasively to the people who influence your business.

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