The company name was inspired by the fact that it took 21 centuries for mass society to finally accept the fact that the earth was indeed round, culminating in Magellan’s circumnavigation in 1521. Until then history’s most brilliant astronomists like Galileo and Copernicus were ridiculed and branded heretics for proving what we now all (mostly) know to be true. Round Earth clients are brave business 'adventurers' seek to learn from honest, ongoing and sometimes difficult conversations with employees, customers, business partners, union leaders, investors and industry experts (and so on) in order to create extraordinary and enduring outcomes, relationships and cultures for their companies.
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So, What do you do?


Round Earth Consulting is the only PR and communications consultancy to specialise in the enterprise software industry. If you're in the business of supply chain management, CRM, business intelligence or enterprise content management, we offer a unique blend of deep industry knowledge, professional contacts and communications expertise to seriously raise your profile and help you grow.

Our consulting services are aimed at the latest generation of dynamic, high-growth enterprise software companies that support new paradigms like cloud computing, open source and enterprise mobility. Our clients have brave, ambitious leaders who are serious about using communications to make BIG changes happen.

  • Generate brand awareness to accelerate sales cycle
  • IPO
  • M&A
  • Re-launch company or brand
  • Expand into new markets (countries, industry sectors)
  • Introduce new products or services

Answered ‘No’?