The company name was inspired by the fact that it took 21 centuries for mass society to finally accept the fact that the earth was indeed round, culminating in Magellan’s circumnavigation in 1521. Until then history’s most brilliant astronomists like Galileo and Copernicus were ridiculed and branded heretics for proving what we now all (mostly) know to be true. Round Earth clients are brave business 'adventurers' seek to learn from honest, ongoing and sometimes difficult conversations with employees, customers, business partners, union leaders, investors and industry experts (and so on) in order to create extraordinary and enduring outcomes, relationships and cultures for their companies.
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So, What do you do?


We offer our services in three areas:

Communications strategy & planning

  • Company positioning and storyline development
  • Customer / stakeholder / influencer research & insights
  • Media & analyst audits
  • Social media audits
  • Communications advisory services
  • Social media planning
  • Crisis management

Influencer networking & relations

  • Thought leadership
  • Industry sector campaigns
  • Company launch & relaunch
  • Articles and case study writing
  • Multimedia content sourcing & development
  • Integrated social media tactics
  • Personal / executive brand building

Media and communications training

  • Implementing communications best practices
  • PR, media social media training & workshops
  • Enabling "DIY" PR for SMEs
  • Influencer community mapping and engagement
  • Implementing local and global PR measurement
  • Advisory & mentoring services
Click here to download our whitepaper “Building Valuable Influencer Communities in the B2B Technology Sector”

Answered ‘No’?


In just three months Round Earth Consulting succeeded in positioning our supply chain planning expertise to a completely new audience through editorial placements in Finance Week, Financial Times, CFO World and Manufacturing Today - and the results keep on rolling in. These are really raising our brand visibility with customers and prospects to support business development.

Hugh Williams, MD, Hughenden Consulting

Answered ‘No’?


The Round Earth Consulting team have given us some valuable insights into planning our communications strategy, along with some practical everyday tools. This new knowledge has greatly improved our ability to promote our brand and products to our international markets. And we’re already seeing great results!

Jake Morris, Sales & Marketing Director, Boskke